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Tank Fire Commands


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As a tanker each year you had to qualify with your tank This was done at place name Grafenwoehr, Germany. You started with the M73 7.62 machine gun and M2 browning 50 Cal machine gun and last with the 105 MM main gun. you went through and series of ranges and ended at range 42 or 81. If you gualifiaded you where award this patch to wear. The you started getting ready for next year.

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Here are the commands that the tank commander used to engage the target.

Note: These commands were for an M 60 and an M 60A1 without a stabilized main gun; you could not shoot on the run.

The tank commander says, "driver stop".

His next command is "gunner heat tank".  This tells the loader the type of ammunition and the gunner the type of target.

(Heat was the type of round used; a high explosive anti-tank shell).

The gunner would then call out "identified" when he locked onto the target with his sight.

The loader would call out "up" when the heat round was loaded in the main gun tube.

The tank commander would give the command: "fire".

The gunner would reply, "on the way" when he pulled the trigger and fired the round.

If the round hit the the target, the tank commander would say, "target cease fire".

The tank commander would then say, "driver move out".

All this must take place in seconds or the enemy tank will fire at you and you are dead!


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Click here to hear the fire command

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